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Leverage A.I. and deliver a better customer experience

Conversica AI Assistants for Automotive Service will empower you to:
  • Automatically contact & engage customers for future appointments
  • Scale connected customer experiences
  • Increase engagement rates
  • Nurture every relationship with customers, old and new

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Seek out and schedule
service appointments with
AI assistants

Scale your business to schedule service appointments and increase revenue for your dealership. Conversica AI Assistants make it possible to:
  • Stay in touch with your customers consistently
  • Schedule service appointments with ease and efficiency
  • Boost revenue by ensuring your customers never miss their routine service appointments
  • Increase customer satisfaction by taking service scheduling off their hands.

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Capitalize on consistent service and repair orders

Did you know that 32% of consumers neglect to manage their vehicle service schedule on time? Delaying routine automotive maintenance can result in:
  • Reduced longevity of the vehicle
  • More costly repairs
  • Potential safety issues

By leveraging Conversica AI Assistants, you can keep in touch with service customers with personalized two-way interactions until the service is scheduled and completed.

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Support your staff and
save time

Reach out to prospective service customers while keeping your staff focused on what they do best. Count on Conversica AI Assistants for Automotive Service to:
  • Automatically contact and engage customers for future service appointments
  • Personalize every interaction, so your staff doesn’t have to
  • End the chase and stop the time-consuming tracking down of service customers
  • Keep your staff focused on high-value tasks that increase ROI for your business.

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Conversica sales assistant gives you speed to
lead with the personal touch

Today's shopper has more options than ever before and it is crucial for your team to respond quickly and efficiently. Conversica sales assistant gives you speed to lead with the personal touch your customers are looking for.

Conversica Ai Sales Assistant plugs into your team's process to give them more capacity to work with customers that have shown interest and less time leaving voicemails and cold emails.
  • Conversica Ai Sales Assistant engages with your leads with a personal touch
  • Long Term Follow up to ensure all customers get the proper amount of attention until they are ready to schedule an appointment.
  • Outbound marketing to find more opportunities from lost leads or people sitting in your CRM.
  • Allow your team to focus on customers that are ready to work with your dealership.
  • Empowers management to see valuable insight into their teams follow up process and ensures no interested buyer falls through the cracks.

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