Our Partners

With our extensive working and success rate, we have acquired goodwill in the automation
market and hence build many progressive partners.

  • Conversational AI solutions from Conversica help automotive teams attract, acquire and grow customers across the customer lifecycle over Email, SMS. Automotive AI Assistant engage your sales leads and intiates contact with your service customers by interpreting replies intelligently and responding with a tailored message.

  • As a premier CRM provider, Oplogic integrates and is compatible with all of the major credit bureaus, DMS companies, consumer finance gateways, and related organizations. Our goal is to help your dealership streamline every process from customer tracking and sales to financing and more.

  • The Auto Miner is the industry leader, clean customer data platform designed exclusively for dealers. The Auto Miner makes data ingestion seamless by cleaning and putting all of your data sources in one platform to be actioned.

  • VINCUE provides retail automotive dealerships with a unified inventory lifecycle solution aimed at helping retail automotive dealerships overcome their biggest challenges which include used car shortages, emerging, large-scale competitors, and technical solutions that don’t meet their current needs.

    VINCUE provides dealers with everything they need outside of their DMS and CRM. VINCUE is a software solution contained on a single platform, accessed by a single log in. VINCUE capabilities support the following dealership processes.

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